Exhibiting at various L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival shows, Lillian Sprague’s (formerly known as Lillian Josevska) clothing has been strutted down the runway alongside iconic designers Akira Isogowa and Toni Maticevski.

After years of working in the fashion Industry Lillian now resides in Geelong with her family and focusses her talent on the Visual Arts.

As a designer Lillian worked very hard to find her personal style, a style she felt best expressed who she was and what she wanted to say through her work.

After completing Fine art and Fashion design degrees from RMIT University, Lillian started her own made –to- order fashion business where she specialised in evening wear. As a fashion designer she was fortunate enough to have high-end fashion boutique Le’Louvre support her and refer her clients.

She ran the business for several years before reigniting her passion for painting and discovering a desire to teach.

Abstract art is a style that she has always loved. When she decided to paint after taking a break for many years she was naturally drawn to this style. The style offers her the opportunity to express a non -objective reality and experience a strong sense of tranquillity and inner peace.

Lillian’s art is also strongly influenced by fashion and recently she has fused both her love of fashion and art to create a range of high quality one off hand painted clutches. These unique pieces of wearable art are created from short runs of hand painted canvas and inspired by abstract art contemporary fashion. She loves the idea of blurring the boundaries between the two.

In her work, Lillian explores the relationship between shapes and colours. She carefully considers the composition to ensure there is harmony and balance and she uses her intuition to guide her through the process of painting.

After completing a teaching degree at Melbourne University, she has been working as an art teacher for the past six years as well as running her own art and design business. Lillian has a great passion for her art work and many aspirations for her small business, but most importantly she believe that ART IS A JOURNEY a vehicle for personal expression that enables her to share her inner vision, her love of colour and her passion to work with a free flow style that has no limitation and boundaries.